get to know the founders.

Hey it’s Alana and Felipe, we are the creators behind Caju Love. We are both first generation immigrants from Brazil and Colombia raised on the east coast of the United States. 5 years ago, we moved to Oahu, Hawaii and now spend a lot of time outside connecting with nature. Living out here has made us very mindful of our connection between humans, land and food which has lead us to embrace more of a conscious eating and living lifestyle.

Being plant-based, we’ve always loved all the meatless alternatives — and we’ve probably tried almost all of them! But what lead us to the creation of our product was  getting creative in the kitchen with whole food ingredients, which lead us to stumbled upon what we share with you today – cashew fruit meat.

How Cajú Love started was actually very serendipitous — A lot of random synchronicities brought it to life.

Basically, one night, we had family over and were trying to make a traditional Brazilian dish – (casquinha de siri) , that usually requires seafood as the base. We weren’t sure what to use and that’s when we ran into the idea of using cashew meat.

The next day, we drove to a neighborhood where we remember spotting a cashew tree a few months back, and luckily it was cashew season. We picked some cashew fruit, played with it a bit in the kitchen and turned the cashew fruit into plant based meat. We were so amazed at how simple, delicious and sustainable this alternative was, we knew we wanted to share it with the world.

After doing some more research we were shocked to find out how many fruits are thrown away per year, with everything in our hands, we felt it was part of our mission to take action.

Now, we are dedicated to building a business that goes beyond just products. our mission is to leverage the force of business to create a positive impact in the world and inspire conscious living & mindful eating for the greater good of our planet and people.

Alana & Felipe