Organic Cashew Fruit Meat [ 4 pack]

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Ingredients: Organic cashew fruit apple.

Try the worlds most versatile meatless alternative!

Gluten Free – Kosher – Soy Free – No additives or preservatives – Paleo Friendly

Cashew fruit meat is a high source of fiber, magnesium and Vitamin A  and helps promote vitality.

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In each order you’ll receive 4 bags of cashew fruit meat which contains 200 grams of cashew fruit meat. Cashew fruit meat is the nutritious fruit fiber of the cashew fruit.

A sustainable and clean alternative to processed plant-based meats. The texture is similar to that of  shredded chicken, however it’s neutral  flavor profile makes it a great meatless alternative for various different types of dishes including mock tuna, pulled pork & more. We are so excited for you to try this new meat substitute – made with just 1 ingredient : upcycled organic cashew fruits  Check out our recipe page if you need a little inspo!


Based on 19 reviews
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  1. Fe Santos

    cajulove is a great company that has created an amazing product while addressing a waste in the food industry. i love the concept, taste, texture and how versatile
    it is! organic and 100% fruit, doesn’t get better than that!

  2. Manu Mathus (verified owner)

    The best! I bought some since I’m sugar , meat, dairy, and gluten free living and this was the perfect alternative. It’s so versatile and takes flavor so well! It’s incredible. Made pesto chicken pasta with it one day! And then another day made frijoles and used it as carne desmechada with different seasoning. Truly a great clean yummy vegan meat product! Oh and we’re helping the planet! What a plus! Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Sydney

    If I could have this with every meal I would!! I love how versatile the cashew fruit meat is and how I can use it for almost anything! I also love the mission of Cajú Love!

  4. Gaura

    Very Versitile product! Tasted amazing and guests loved it as a tuna dip at my party!
    Highly recommended

  5. Mateo Cortez

    This is the most incredibly versatile meat replacement product I’ve ever tried! The cashew fruit meat can be seasoned in so many ways to perfection! Im in love with the product and the company as a whole. Not only is the product spectacular, but the founders are doing amazing things. So excited to see the growth and taste it all along the way!

  6. Lorin Sisco

    So flavorful, texture is great, and super healthy. I finally was able to get soy products 100% out of my diet with this product. I would recommend to anyone who is vegan and trying to be healthier about their meat alternative.

  7. Rochelle Thorp

    This stuff is great!!! I make such a variety of dishes! Their recipe page is suuper helpful too cuz this stuff can be made into literally anything, and mock every flavor! Try it spicy, sweet, and savory! I get the subscription order cuz I’m always running out! Such a great alternative to all the processed mock meats. I also love what the company stands for morally, they’re in line with my values. Im definitely a life long customer!!

  8. Shawn Konzal

    Cajulove is the best meat alternative there is. The consistency, taste, everything aligns so perfectly. The owners are very devoted to up cycling and helping our planet grow, and their service is top notch!

  9. Hannah H

    I’ve tired this stuff as tacos, sliders, nachos, buffalo dip, egg rolls, and more! I’m obsessed!! The main take-away for me that’s important is that:
    1. it’s not processed AT ALL
    2. the texture is amazing!
    3. It reduces waste from the Cashew nut industry

    This idea is incredible and I cant believe no one has thought of it before.

  10. Lizzie Shutt

    There are infinite creations you can use Cajú for! I’m always scrolling on Insta seeing recipe videos and thinking “wow i need to try Cajú in that!” I never liked tuna or crab based meals, but now I do because of Cajú!! So fricken cool you gotta try it!

  11. Leia

    Absolutely LOVE it. Cooking with this stuff is so versatile and convenient. It really takes the headache out of figuring out what to cook! It’s so helpful that it’s shelf stable so I don’t have to worry about it going bad. Can’t say enough how much I love this product!

  12. William Aduja

    I love this stuff!!! I’m the kind of person that likes things easy and convenient to fit in with my busy schedule. Cajuloves subscription service makes it super easy to know that I will always have what I need to make an amazing healthy meal that is good for the environment whenever I need to. And I love the people that are running the company, I got to meet them not too long ago and they have great hearts and are working hard to have an amazing positive impact on the world! I would 100% recommend Cajulove!

  13. Jackson Norton

    Coming from a life long carnivore, I LOVE this CAJU! The consistency amazingly mirrors both pork chicken and even beef depending on how it’s cooked. None of the squish of other alternative meats, feels and tastes real and as any meat. You’d never know the difference.

  14. Natalia O.

    Been vegan for 6 years and I’ve never tried ANYTHING like it. It tastes absolutely amazing, it’ll mold to any dish or flavor that you want, and it’s soooo easy to cook. A MUST TRY!

  15. Natalia

    I’ve been vegan for 6 years and I’ve never had anything like this. It’s easy to cook with, absorbs any flavor you want it to, works as a substitue for everything. Absolutely love it! It’s a MUST TRY!

  16. Maia

    I’ve been Vegan/Vegetarian for almost a decade and have had my many experiences with plant-based meat. I have never had anything like To say Caju is delicious is an understatement. It is AMAZING! From the texture, to the taste, ingredients, versatility, I want other potential customers to know that Caju exceeds expectations of plant-based meats. On top of everything, they have such an incredible mission advocating less waste in our society by using the excess of the cashew fruit. I will always be a returning customer. I am so excited to have something new and different trailblazing the plant-based industry with healthy ingredients and an even more eco-conscious framework. Thank you Caju!

  17. Debbie Madosky

    I cannot say enough GREAT things about this product! I am vegan and this is an AMAZING healthy “meat” substitute. Great texture and easily blends with any seasoning you want to use. I LOVE how Caju has found a way to utilize something that was considered waste and offered an organic eco-conscious product. I will be a lifetime subscriber!!!

  18. Michele Paul Hilliard

    Amazing! So versatile! A wonderful heathy change! Thank you so much!

  19. Mary Ellen (verified owner)

    Love Caju! I am a vegan with lots of food allergies, including soy and coconut. It’s quite challenging to find vegan meats. This stuff is wonderful! I’ve used it to make all kinds of things. From taco salad to Mac salad to meatloaf to burritos and so much more.

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